She worked hard supporting her kids and mother-in-law by working salvage on the Gold Coast of old Connecticut. It was no picnic. There were things in the water that most people would be scared to hear about, let alone see. And that was just her fellow salvage queens.

The day her deadbeat ex-husband shows up on the yacht of Horacio, a handsome gangster, a salvage crew goes missing after reports of strange black boats seen crossing the barrier between the Gold Coast and the quarantined Strong Island. Ernesto showing up was one thing.
But the ghostly harpies of Strong Island taking prisoners made her tough job flat out dangerous.

But just as Augusta’s life seems to be coming together, she’s pulled into a weapons heist for the Free Mars Republic. If she doesn’t go along with it she may never see her kids again.

And worse, the thieves will reveal her secret past to those who’ve been hunting her for the last twenty-five years.