Of Charles R. Terhune little is known but much has been speculated. Some have said he is not of this earth. Some have said he is too earthy. Some have said he's weird. Some have said he's not weird so much as an eccentric in an average man's clothing.

His birthday is speculated to have been one week before Christ although roughly one thousand nine hundred sisxty-eight years later. He grew up in a largely white entitled part of Connecticut which should have given him a predilection for khaki's and Dave Matthews. Yet numerous sightings were reported of him in the late 80's in such weird hangouts as the Darien High School AV Room, The Cafe in Greenwich and even once at the Anthrax in Norwalk.

Soon he was reported to be engaged in arcane studies in Boston in the early 90's. He remained visible there throughout the mid 2000's, even appearing in live venues to play his oddball brand of melancholic synth-pop.

He appeared in Portland, Maine in 2005 and has remained there ever since. His writing has appeared in such online venues as Igloo Magazine, Elephant Journal and Recovering Yogi.

It is said he is married with a child.

It is known he is very fond of dogs and cats though perhaps not in that order.

More info to follow.