It's ya boy BUNNYHEAD!

A lone robot, beaten and scarred, roams the landscape of A barren, SUN-SCORCHED Planet.

It knows nothing of itself nor the world around it, save that a strange event robbed it of all memories and knowledge due to the effects of this event - known among survivors as “The Corruption” -  no machine knows the reason for their service nor their function.

These few, ragged and hardy stragglers band together to survive, rebuild and search for answers in the harsh world they inhabit.

To survive this machine must fight or be destroyed. For this, their bravest  fighter, was itself once a lost machine. Now a hero, it fights for to save those awakening to amnesia on this hostile, ruined world.

This hero, a machine know only as VCS93, is one of a handful of fighting bots that stands between invaders and the destruction they bring.

Its unique identifier is simply “vcs3.” this is the story of the machine savior known as...


BUNNYHEAD is my first foray into comics. It is both written and illustrated by myself, Chang Terhune. It will published under the print media wing of Condition Human. The first issue will be out in June of 2018.

I have a Patreon page with some exciting rewards for subscribers such as posters, pins and exclusive comics and artwork! 

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