Rust Remodeled: Gys!

I have a dirty little secret. Wanna hear it? Of course you do. My favorite song from "Life Among The Rust" is 'Abundance.' I guess songs in an album are like having multiple kids in that you shouldn't say you like one more than the other. Yet while I love all the songs on LATR, I have to say Abundance is truly my favorite. It's weirdly upbeat and optimistic for me and a rather upbeat techno track in its own right. I admit that for a bit I was concerned about who should work on it then I gave that up and selected someone at random. Fortunately that was Gys. Gys is an OG, a master of techno, a raver from way back and a guy whose name is well known it only in the clubs and ears of Bostonian music heads but also in Detroit, Chicago and other cities where techno and house are the name of the game. His "Art D'Echo" cd on the original Component blew my mind back in the day and continues to get regular plays at my house. His remix of "Abundance" bears little resemblance to the original and that's ok. When I sent these babies out in the world I had no preconceptions on what I wanted people to do nor any idea what they'd come up with. Gys went above and beyond my expectations, creating a hot, dark slab of dubby techno slathered in reverb and wild modulations. It seethes and pulses as it drives along. Gys is a master of techno and his remix of "Abundance" confirms it. Download this and all the other remixes from Component Recordings today! #gys #toddgys #crtmusik #cathoderaytube #cathoaderaytubemusic #componentrecordings #rustremodeled #lifeamongtherust #idm #edm #electro #techno #glitch #dub #ambient #ambientdub #ambienttechno #biosonic #cinematic #soundtrack

Charles Terhune

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