Rust Remodeled: Selenium Gomez

To be honest I'm not really sure who Selenium Gomez is. All I know is I got an email from them saying they'd heard I was looking for people to remix stuff and they wanted in. I said I'd never heard of them and wasn't really interested. They offered me the low rate of $500 to do it. Needless to say I declined. After a few rounds of negotiations where I offered nothing in response to their repeatedly lower offers they came back with "Just lemme take a shot at it and if you like it then you can use it." I declined until one day I realize a certain remixer had vaporized and I had a song without a remix. I emailed Selenium to ask if they were still interested. The reply I received was, "Stem me, big daddy." So I sent along the files to A month later I got a Dropbox link. What emerged from my speakers after I clicked the link was something so horrendous I had to listen to it repeatedly in order to hear some fragment of the original song. Selenium Gomez inverted and imploded "Dogjaw" into something that was half Oval, half Burial, half Venetian Snares on a handful of Valium. Whereas the original is a mellow, idm stroll along an electronic path this remix is a terrifying journey in an out of control cart plummeting into an abandoned mineshaft. Which is to say I like it very much though every time I listen to it I lose a layer of tooth enamel and gain more gray hairs. Download this and all the other remixes from Component Recordings today! #seleniumgomez #crtmusik #cathoderaytube #cathoaderaytubemusic #componentrecordings #rustremodeled #lifeamongtherust #idm #edm #electro #techno #glitch #dub #ambient #ambientdub #ambienttechno #biosonic #cinematic #soundtrack #glitche #glitcheapp

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