Igloo Magazine: The New Taxonomy is "an adventure beyond the ultraworld!"

Cathode Ray Tube (aka Chang Terhune) embarks on perhaps his most thorough and expansive album to date. Where past releases were engorged by visceral electronic mayhem, The New Taxonomy is just as blistering, its basslines rumbling at full capacity—yet there’s a calmer, systematic order.

I'm grateful for any reviews especially the ones that like my albums! The venerable Igloo Mag said wonderful things about the record and I'm pleased as punch. It's been a long time coming out and it's great to know people are loving it. 

This quote in particular is awesome:

"The New Taxonomy is effervescent in its construct—weaving elongated dub realms with ease. Low-end waves continually crash against sharpened 4/4 mechanics which blends in a kaleidoscopic, surreal dream state."

Funnily enough "Normal Kids" is in 5/4. But who's counting?!

Charles Terhune

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