It's Him or Me.

This is what's it's like watching my friends and family this election season...

This is what's it's like watching my friends and family this election season...

Friends and Family, it’s time you took a stand.

It’s me or him.

And by him I mean Donald Trump.

Because as a kid growing up in a household in Republican Red Connecticut where Pres. Reagan was called Good King Ronnie I get the GOP from my time believing traditional Republican ideals back in the day.

But we’re not back in the 80’s. We’re in the 2000’s where it’s a much different world. And after 50 years of hard work, determination and struggle the GOP has managed to go and destroy itself and then for good measure ruin itself some more by failing to first eliminate Trump as their candidate then not only continue to support him despite outrage after outrage. Yup. It all began with Goldwater’s warning back in 1964 about the rise and control of the religious right within the GOP and that’s how you get Trump as their 2016 presidential candidate. Then after the “Grab ‘Em” tapes came out the GOP failed to not only denounce Trump but take any stand against him. In fact they defended a thrice married man who tried to cheat on his pregnant wife with a woman and tried to “grab her in the pussy.” 

And frankly some of you defended him to.

This disturbs me deeply.

This disturbs me as a man. Not just as a man who loves and respects women but as a husband, father, uncle and son. Trump is a man who has boasted about degrading women and joked about rape. This is a man who has made no bones about his views on them including his own daughter. 

So when you stand by this man you stand by a misogynistic, serial adulterer who views women as objects of conquest. You stand by a man who would take your own wives, mothers and daughters if he saw fit, have his way with them and degrade them. You’re saying that, by not saying anything against him, you’re okay with the rape and abuse of all the women in your life. This is includes you wives, daughters and mothers.

If this is the world you want to live in and the man you want to rule it then I really have no place for you in my life or world. Really. If you cannot see the damage this man will cause for all the myriad other reason and don’t see this as a final straw then I don’t see how we can communicate much less move forward together. Because it tells me no amount of intelligent reasoning can sway you just as I imagine you feel no amount of intelligent reasoning can sway me from my beliefs.

This man will not make America great again. This man will take it into the dark ages.

So I’m asking you now to make a decision.

It’s Trump or me.

Charles Terhune

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