Nobody likes to hear about dreams so let me tell you about my dreams of late.

I've been having these insane dreams lately. Perhaps it's because I'm on vacation and I'm not recovering from work to get back and rested for work but they're amazing dreams.

They're all of huge, empty and open structures either derelict or in some kind of ruin. Monday night I dreamt of two old Colonial or Victorian era houses one big and one small. The small was connected to the big one by a massive iron support structure of some kind that supported it; the iron support was painted in glossy black enamel paint like a cannon at a war memorial. 

There was also a musician there who had an open mic. I was invited to improvise lyrics on the spot to sing with the music. I did and cried as I sang, never feeling my voice so free and so open. The only lyrics I remember are something like "I am free/I am clean." When i asked the musician if he'd recorded it he shrugged and said no. If he had how would I have gotten it back to the waking world?

Last night's dream was me walking through ruins in an industrial site of some kind. There was an old building that was half in use. The weird part was I could see both the old and the new of it. There were the ruins then there was the building as it stood new and freshly painted in a bright purple, its "keystone" - a massive steel globe of some kind with enmeshed gears signifying the industry it provided - brightly lit. At the same time I could see into the gaping maw of its ruined foundations where nothing lay but rubble and bent steel like its heart had been torn out.

I have almost no idea what these mean but damned if they aren't weirdly awesome. Reminds me of the crazy dreams i had on Prozac. Vivid and weird (I've always had vivid weird dreams but while i was on Prozac they were like an Alice Cooper shows ca. 1978 every night in my brain).

What do you dream of?

P>S> A concerned reader asks: 

do you really not know what they mean? I'd like to feel some element of your interpretation or how they really landed on you... I think you are at your best writing when you write from heart and soul...

Oh but I do, Virginia. I do. The first one is about me freeing myself by getting support. I am the big building. Perhaps my wife is the smaller one and the bond we have is strong as iron, venerable and massive. As for the second I think that's a little more opaque but I suspect it's got to do with seeing my past and present and future perhaps? Not sure. The coffee isn't working yet, I guess.

Charles Terhune

I don't know I just work here.