Hey, yo! It's Episode 2! On today's episode it's Chapter 2 of Tribal Malfunctions! Make sure you're caught up to date before you listen.

EPISODE 2 is about a guy and his garage...

EPISODE 2 is about a guy and his garage...


A word or two about this podcast if I may:

  1. It's got cussing. A decent amount of cussing. Not Blue Velvet, Sopranos, Midnight Run or Touched by An Angel level cussing but it's up there. You've been forewarned.
  2. Accents: I do some accents in this. It's a multicultural world in the book and people are form all over. I do them not to belittle or make fun of other cultures but to flesh out the world. It sounds ridiculous if you don't. I'm not being jingoistic or patronizing when I do them. I've loved the diverse sounds of all human tongues since I was a kid and I'm not going to stop now.
  3. I'm really digging doing this! I hope you like it.
  4. All the music used is mine! Specifically Cathode Ray Tube although I might sneak in a few Brittney Sparse songs here and there. You can find all the music listed on the CRT discography page or just go to my Bandcamp page where there's a ton of it there as well. Here's a list of the songs played in today's episode:
    1. "Nothing Speacial" (Tribal Malfunctions theme song)
    2. "Jetpax For All (plays during the Travelogue)
    3. Hollow Days/Ringing Nights (heard during the Heavyboys at the T segments)
  5. The Travelogues will appear at the beginning of each episode. These are meant to flesh out the world and provide some insight into aspects of the novel as it progresses. They were fun to write and I think it's a nicer way to do some exposition than someone telling all this crap over a beer.

Well, that about does it. Dig in and listen up. See you next week for Episode 3/Chapter 3!

Charles Terhune

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